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About the Leukaemia Foundation
The Australian charity stopping blood cancer from wrecking lives.

Supporting those impacted by Blood Cancer

The Leukaemia Foundation offers expert support, funds leading-edge research and campaigns to make change for Australians facing blood cancer. Our movement began in the seventies, when a small band of people realised more could be done to save lives from a type of blood cancer called leukaemia. 

Blood cancer can develop in anyone, anywhere, anytime — from young infants and adolescents to adults of all backgrounds and genders. 

Today, another 53 Australians will be told the heartbreaking news that they’ve been diagnosed with a blood cancer, joining more than 135,000 people living with the devastating impact of Australia’s second most diagnosed cancer. 

A range of things affect someone’s chance of surviving blood cancer, and it can be incurable. 

Sadly, another 16 Australians lose their life to blood cancer each and every day. 

Our bold goal is zero lives lost to blood cancer by 2035.

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Having a Leukaemia Foundation apartment to call home, close to the hospital gave us the peace of mind we needed to focus solely on getting Layla better.

Jackie and Layla
Mum and childhood ALL-survivor

We love being able to give back to the Leukaemia Foundation who supported Cleo and our family when we needed it. We are forever grateful for their ongoing research and efforts to put an end to blood cancer in Australia.

Jordie Roney
Mother of Cleo Roney
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Why take part in World’s Greatest Shave?

Your shave sends a powerful message of hope.

When someone signs up to shave, cut or colour their hair for World’s Greatest Shave, they send a powerful message of hope to the 135,000 Australians and their families facing blood cancer right now.

Many people facing blood cancer lose their hair during treatment, and shaving is the ultimate act of solidarity to stand by them. The funds you raise will directly support those facing blood cancer today, as well as providing precious relief to over 53 more who will receive the same devastating diagnosis tomorrow.

The Leukaemia Foundation’s mission is to achieve zero lives lost to blood cancer by 2035, and World’s Greatest Shave provides critical funding to ensure that this vision can become a reality.

Money raised through campaigns such as World’s Greatest Shave allows the Leukaemia Foundation to offer expert support and fund leading-edge research to make a change for Australians facing blood cancer. 

The Leukaemia Foundation provides support through: 

  • Personalised support from the Leukaemia Foundation’s highly trained Blood Cancer Support Coordinators for patients and their loved ones alongside a range of health and wellbeing services. 
  • Accommodation near major hospitals around Australia and help to get to and from the many appointments that come with a blood cancer diagnosis. 
  • Trusted Information to empower people to navigate the road ahead, including critical education, support groups, booklets, newsletters, and online information. 

How we put your funds to work last year

The Leukaemia Foundation relies on the support of generous people in our community. In the last year, participants of World’s Greatest Shave have helped fund the following:

Impact statement accommodation

547 families provided accommodation near life-saving treatment locations

Impact statement transport

Transportation provided to 1,478 patients attending medical appointments

Impact statement support

703 financial assistance grants provided to patients and their families 

Impact statement research

45 research projects, from fundamental lab research through to clinical trials

Are you ready to accept your mission?

The simple truth is — without brave Aussies who accept their mission and shave the world — our search for a cure would falter. So, will you join us?

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