We're going green

How your shaved hair and ponytails can help a second time


Ponytails are kind of a big deal

Thanks to Sustainable Salons Australia we're recycling

To celebrate two decades of World’s Greatest Shave, the Leukaemia Foundation is going green with the clever people at Sustainable Salons Australia to recycle the hair Australia bravely shaves.

Many of the ponytails snipped from those taking part in the event will now be turned into wigs for those with cancer, while shorter hair clippings will be transformed into compost and even floating booms to absorb oil spills at sea.

Ponytails that are 20cm or longer can be dropped off at any World’s Greatest Shave public event or simply posted to World’s Greatest Shave Pony Tails, c/o Sustainable Salons Australia, 15 Salisbury St, Botany, NSW, 2019.

Ponytails must be a minimum of 20cm and sent back dry and tied at the top, middle and bottom. It doesn’t matter if they’ve been coloured.

At our public events we will also be sweeping up shorter hair clippings and collecting empty cans of coloured hairspray, diverting them away from landfill back into recycled resources. Community hosts will also help with recycling hair.

It’s incredible to think your hair could end up floating on the Great Barrier Reef blocking an oil spill or made into a wig to help those who haven’t lost their hair by choice.

It's going to be exciting to see Australia going green as it puts its hair on the line to help beat blood cancer.

Sustainable Salons Australia is a comprehensive resource recovery service that collects up to 95% of waste from hair salons, including hair, metals and chemicals. It is Australia’s number one collector and donor of ponytails for wigs, and all recycling proceeds are donated to charitable organisations.