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Hosting your own event is amazing! You'll be a true superhero

POW! Be a blood cancer crusader and host a shave event

Being a host for the World’s Greatest Shave is an awesome experience! And it’s even more fun when you stage your own shave!

You’ll help make a difference in the lives of the 35 Australians diagnosed every single day with leukaemia, lymphoma or myeloma.

You’ll also be an important part of the Shave journey for those who have bravely decided to take part this year.

Shaving can be a deeply personal experience – you’ll help ensure shavers have lots of supportive people to share the moment with!

And we’re your sidekick to be with you every step of the way.

5 steps to a knock-out shave event:
  1. PLAN: Find a venue, date and time. Whenever and wherever suits you best.
  2. PROMOTE: Call 1800 500 088 and your sidekick will advertise your event on this website. Be sure to display the promotional materials that we’ll send your way, and download more resources here.
  3. FUNDRAISE: Think of fun ways to raise money on the day!
  4. ON THE DAY: Think of ways to make shavers feel comfortable, excited and proud of their personal commitment. Keep it simple - thank your volunteers, and have fun! Don't forget to collect hair clippings and ponytails.
  5. AFTER THE EVENT: Bank any final fundraising and return any equipment we've lent you. You can also send your hair clippings and ponytails to Sustainable Salons, where it will be put to good use.

Download useful resources here

Hosting a public shave event

Smash your planning with these helpful tips!

Get in touch

Fill out the form below and we’ll get right back to you, provide you with an awesome host kit and list your event online on our website!

Where and when?
  • Check our website for other events in your area to make sure you don’t clash or compete.
  • The official dates are 11-15 March 2020. Hold your event at times and days when more people can attend – such as Thursday 5.30-7.30pm, Friday 3.30-5.30pm, Saturday 10-12am or 2-4pm.
  • Find a suitable venue like a shopping centre, foyer or a prominent city square. Book it in with the appropriate people.
  • Public Liability insurance: we’ll send you our policy, but some venues also need their own.
Think about the flow of the event
  • Download an MC script from the resources page here
  • Have a photographer on hand to take before and after shots.
  • Create a run sheet including contact details for everyone involved.
  • Have a local celebrity take part.
  • Recruit volunteers to help on the day, each with a specific job
  • Make sure you have all the tools you need. Buy a special Intense Colour Hairspray Pack from Cinta and a portion of your purchase will go to the Leukaemia Foundation!
Promote your event with a bang!
  • Call us on 1800 500 088 to list your event on the World’s Greatest Shave website. Tell us what fun activities you have planned.
  • Publicise your event throughout the venue with leaflets, posters and announcements.
  • Ask your local radio station to advertise for you with our media release template from the resources page
  • Involve retailers, colleagues, or community groups such as the police or sporting clubs by challenging them to compete against one another to raise the most money or shave the most heads. Organising a prize for the winner can increase people’s involvement.
  • Contact your local council to see if they can help promote the event.
We can give your event a superhero boost with these great tools
  • Posters
  • Media release template
  • World’s Greatest Shave logo and guidelines for use
  • Official gear (such as shirts for your MC and bunting)
  • Collection boxes
  • Balloons
  • World’s Greatest Shave banners.
Go green with Sustainable Salons

We're recycling the hair you bravely shave with Sustainable Salons! Hair will be transformed into wigs for people with cancer, compost and even floating booms to absorb oil spills at sea.

Find out more here

Fundraise like a superhero on the big day!
  • Recommend an amount to be donated, i.e. $20 to shave and $10 to colour for people who walk up – registered shavers do not need to pay.
  • Have a raffle or auction: Get a local business to donate vouchers or any kind of prize that can be used in a raffle or auction. Ask us about tickets if you need them.
  • Host a BBQ: Find a local business/community group that is happy to supply food for a BBQ (check safe food handling requirements) and sell for a donation.
  • Auction or raffle the right to shave someone else: This is a great opportunity if you have a celebrity. Sell a raffle ticket or run an auction to win the right to shave a celebrity’s hair.
  • Matching gift: Suggest to your management and/or retailers they match the donation made by any of their staff who participate in World’s Greatest Shave
  • Buy extra hats and shirts online to sell at your event from our official shop here!

Download the host guide here

Want to host a shave?

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Prefer to call or send a letter?
Phone: 1800 500 088
Address: Leukaemia Foundation
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