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This iconic event is one of Australia's biggest fundraisers

Great images, important stories

World's Greatest Shave has something for everyone - colourful characters, bright photos and people of all ages and backgrounds having fun for an important cause. Of course, some have a very personal reason for taking part.

Did you know?

  • More than 12,000 Australians will develop leukaemia, lymphoma or myeloma this year – or 35 people every day.
  • Blood cancer claims the lives of more Australians than breast cancer and melanoma.
  • Leukaemia, lymphoma and myeloma are types of blood cancer. They can develop in anyone, at any time at any age.
  • Money raised from World's Greatest Shave funds blood cancer research and free support through the Leukaemia Foundation.
  • The Leukaemia Foundation is the only Australia-wide charity dedicated to the care and cure of people with leukaemia, lymphoma, myeloma and related blood disorders.
  • That's why so many people are as passionate as us about this campaign... and why your support is so vital.



Everyone who signs up tells us why they're taking part and we have people right across Australia who are willing to share their story. We can give you more information about:

  • The event – history, celebrities, money raised, copy for diary dates
  • The people taking part – human interest stories and photo opps
  • The diseases – facts and stats about leukaemias, lymphomas, myeloma and related blood disorders
  • Where the money goes – the Leukaemia Foundation's research program and free services we provide

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