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Use our media toolkits and share your story with the media

Show the world the superhero you are!

One of the best ways to gather community support for your fundraising efforts and raise awareness of the needs of Australians living with blood cancer, is to share your story with the media.

Your local community journalists love to hear about incredible things happening in their communities - and your participation in this year’s World’s Greatest Shave is incredible! Sharing your story could also empower and make a positive impact on the lives of those recently diagnosed with blood cancer in your community, reminding them that they are not alone and there is someone to turn to.

To help you engage with your local media, the Leukaemia Foundation’s media team have developed easy-to-use media toolkit with all the information your local journalists need to know about World’s Greatest Shave, including:

    • About Us Form – an opportunity for you to introduce yourself to your local media and share key information about your participation in World’s Greatest Shave and your reasons for getting involved
    • World’s Greatest Shave Media Release – contains all the information your local journalists will need to know about the World’s Greatest Shave
    • Fact Sheet – the latest facts and statistics on blood cancer in Australia

    How to access your media toolkit

    1. Click below on the most relevant media toolkit category for you or your team
      Individual Toolkit
      Business Toolkit
      Branches Toolkit
      Salon Toolkit
      School Toolkit
    2. Fill in the ‘about us’ form with all the required information and reasons for your participation in World’s Greatest Shave.
    3. Click ‘submit’ and a media release will be emailed to your nominated email inbox.

    What's next?

    Once you receive your media release, you are ready to contact your local media. To make this process even easier, we’ve developed some handy hints below on what you might like to do and say:

    • Call your local newspaper editor or journalist and/or radio announcers and introduce yourself (name / suburb you are from) and tell them you’re participating in World’s Greatest Shave to help beat blood cancer.
    • Let them know your reason for participating such as a personal connection to blood cancer, family or friends impacted, or just because you’ve always wanted to be part of something great and fundraise for a worthy charity.
    • If you are shaving for a friend or family member impacted by blood cancer, with their permission you may like to share their personal story with the journalist to give greater context behind your reason to participate.
    • And now for the important details… let them know when and where your shave will happen, what shave event you may be a part of, what fun fundraising activities you are hosting, and how much money you expect to raise.

    Next steps:

    1. Ask the editor or journalist for their email address so you can send your media release directly to them. If you are unable to speak with a journalist directly, the receptionist should be able to provide you with an email address to send the media release to.
    2. Email the media release to the journalist. They will either reply to your email or call you if they are interested in the story or need anything further.

    Need more support?

    If you believe you have a great story to share and would like support on how to share your story, the Leukaemia Foundation’s media team is here to help. Simply email us at

    We look forward to seeing your amazing story in your local news! And THANK YOU again for supporting people living with blood cancer.

    Media contacts

    To email us, just click on the relevant name below. Or call us.

    General media enquiries

    National Media Manager

    Monique Cerreto
    0478 300 507

    Media Manager (QLD, VIC, ACT, NT)

    Anika Hume
    0429 850 562

    Media Manager (NSW, SA, WA, TAS)

    Prue Cripps
    0427 251 452

    Media Coordinator

    Yulia Zaytseva
    0427 923 553