The Leukaemia Foundation’s newest superhero, Chris Barber, became a Studio 10 superstar shaving off his statement locks on-air as part of the launch of this year’s World’s Greatest Shave. The big shave came after more than a year of growing his hair and raising vital funds to support fellow Australians living with blood cancer.

Chris kick-started the new year with a new haircut and in total, has raised over $11,000 to help the Leukaemia Foundation provide Australians affected by blood cancer with access to information, supportive care and treatment.

Chris’ extraordinary achievement is also a great example of how a simple, yet powerful act of shaving and donating hair to be made into wigs for people who lost their own hair through the impact of medical treatment, can make a real difference.

Having had a passion for environment and sustainability for a long time, Chris got involved with World’s Greatest shave even before committing to lose his locks for the cause. He is a Business Development Manager of Sustainable Salons, a comprehensive recovery service that collects up to 95% of waste from hair salons, including hair, metals and chemicals.

Thanks to the Leukaemia Foundation’s four-year partnership with Sustainable Salons, the ponytails snipped from World’s Greatest Shave participants can be turned into wigs for cancer patients, with shorter hair clippings transformed into compost and floating booms to absorb oil spills at sea.

The Leukaemia Foundation is extremely grateful for people like Chris who dedicate their time and efforts to raise critical funds to support the 47 Australians diagnosed with a form of blood cancer every day. You only have to mention the words “blood cancer” and you find people who have had a family member diagnosed with the disease or have been through it themselves.

If you would also like to get involved in this year's World’s Greatest Shave and help the Leukaemia Foundation shave the world from blood cancer, please visit for more information.

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