Your hair grows about 1 cm each month, so you’ve got some time to totally rock your short style! Make the most of it with this guide to the grow-out thanks to our hairy partner Sustainable Salons.

Co-founder and hairdresser Paul Frasca is here to take you on the three month journey.

For the lads

Month 1

In the first month of growing out your buzz cut, you’ll want to keep an eye on the perimeter. The golden rule is to stick to a short back and sides, while letting the top start to get some length. Fellas, don’t try to grow it all out the same length before you get a haircut…that’s not a look you want to go for, trust me.

Towards the end of the first month, you can get amongst the fades action! Find a talented razor craftsman and go sharp with geometric lines around your hairline or part, get creative with repeated patterns or curved lines, or go next level with shapes and outlines. After all, your head is a blank canvas now!

Month 2

By now you’ll be on your way to some decent length on the top. This is where you’ll probably start to arrive back to your regular style.

Month 3

If you’re still growing out the top and haven’t cut your hair into your regular style yet, it’s the perfect time to try that hipster, coiffed style you’ve been thinking about for a while now. Just remember to keep those short back and sides in play (unless you’re on the journey to a flowing mane…power to you!).

For the ladies

Month 1

Grow strong for the best part of this first month… you’ll want to create as much length as possible before you go for your first post-shave haircut.

It’s not all a waiting game though; colour is a great way to distract yourself while your locks sprout. And because it’s nice and short, you can play around with awesome pastels or rock the white blonde you’ve always wanted to try without ruining its condition.

Month 2

You’ll have some nice growth happening by now, which means it’s time for shape. Find a classic, pixie style inspiration (think Audrey Hepburn or Michelle Williams) and get yourself along to your hairdresser.

You may also have enough length for highlights instead of an all over colour, so play around with the texture of your hair and have some fun here!

Month 3

At Month 3, you’ll be firmly on the path to figuring out exactly how you like to style your new pixie ‘do! If you’re thinking of keeping it around for a while, head back to your hairdresser every 4-6 weeks for a reshape…great crop styles make you feel at your most confident when they’re well-maintained.

If you’re eager to keep progressing with the length, chat to your hairdresser instead about how to get through the in-between stages…a tailor-made plan just for you is the best action here.

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