Hannah's Shave of Solidarity

In January 2020, Hannah's brother-in-law was diagnosed with leukaemia. The news shocked their family, and left them scrambling for answers.

For Hannah, it was a sign to finally take on something she had always wanted to – World's Greatest Shave.

"It was the final straw in my decision. I have always wanted to do the shave, and it just felt like the right time for me," she said.

Have you ever wanted to brave the shave? This is your sign!

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Shaving in solidarity with her brother-in-law's cancer journey, Hannah took to social media and began promoting her fundraising far and wide. Soon enough, she had built an online community around her event, with its own Instagram page, @hannahs_hair_be_gone.

"I have always been good at getting the good word around, so I felt social media and my huge contact list would help with my fundraising... I set what felt like a HUGE target of $10,000, but I always felt deep down that I could do it."

And she did! Hannah completely SMASHED her goal with over $16,000 raised and counting!

"I'm so humbled by the generosity of my family, friends and my amazing work team too!"

"But I am most thankful that my brother-in-law is getting the medicine and help he needs and is fighting the good fight. I hope these funds allow more families to get treatment, support and eventually stop leukaemia in its tracks."

"I urge EVERYONE to consider braving the shave – it is liberating and a wonderful conversation starter. I also urge everyone to donate blood as often as you can."

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