Sydney FC and Socceroos superstar and World’s Greatest Shave hero, Rhyan Grant, bade farewell to his famous mullet and one of the most iconic haircuts in Australian sport, at Sydney FC’s Training Ground this morning to help raise vital funds for people living with blood cancer in Australia.

Rhyan Grant has successfully smashed his target amount for World’s Greatest Shave of more than $20,000, having twice raised his previous targets of $10,000 and $15,000.

Rhyan’s Sydney FC teammate and well-loved World’s Greatest Shave superhero, Luke Brattan, kicked off the shave by doing the first swipe with the clippers over Rhyan’s notorious mullet.

Luke Brattan set a positive fundraising trend amongst the Sydney FC players last year, when he lost his locks and personally raised over $30,000 for the Leukaemia Foundation after his sister Holli-Mia was diagnosed with blood cancer.

The big shave event was attended by several media, including Sky News, ABC, Fox Sports, Football Australia and others, who interviewed the Sydney FC pair, as well as the Leukaemia Foundation’s General Manager of Supporters Rachael Lance.

Brattan has donated $500 to Rhyan’s pledge to shave, and Sydney FC has put forward $1,300, equating to $100 for every season that Grant has appeared in Sky Blue.

Every day, 47 Australian children, adults, parents and grandparents will be told they have blood cancer and sadly 15 people will lose their life to a form of blood cancer, making these cancers some of the most common and deadly in the country.

Getting behind fundraising campaigns such as the World’s Greatest Shave has never been more important, as it helps the Leukaemia Foundation continue answering the call of families across the country impacted by this complex set of diseases.

Everyone is invited to follow the lead of the Australian soccer stars and sign up to shave, cut or colour their hair for World’s Greatest Shave, to play an essential role in not only supporting fellow Australians impacted by blood cancer but also helping research scientists continue their search for better ways to diagnose and treat blood cancer more effectively.

Members, fans and the public can click here to donate to Rhyan’s shave.

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