Australia, we can’t stop BUZZING with joy!

As we trim the last hairs off March, we want to reflect on what an incredible month it’s been.

Together, we assembled as the greatest league of heroes the world has ever seen. Over 17,000 brave shavers like you caped up and took on the clippers for a cure.

That’s 17,000 shaves closer to a future free of blood cancer – and the numbers are still climbing!

We can’t thank you all enough for your trim-endous support of World’s Greatest Shave this year. In Shave week, we were beyond inspired by your commitment to the cause when it mattered most. You rose above and beyond the call to greatness. You showed the world your true powers!

Here’s the hairy truth – this last year has been scary for so many of us. It’s been especially scary for the families facing blood cancer during a global pandemic.

Blood cancer didn’t stop for COVID-19, but neither did you! Your bravery has given the 47 Australians whose lives are upended each day by blood cancer a reason to feel like they’re not alone. You helped provide them with the vital support they need in the darkest moments that follow a diagnosis.

In fact, you gave them over fourteen-million reasons!

That’s right. Together, superheroes like yourself have raised over fourteen million dollars to support people facing blood cancers and fund vital research that’s saving lives TODAY.

Now THAT’S a cut above!

Thousands of brave shavers took to social media to show off their new styles!

Sure, World's Greatest Shave looked a little different this year... but boy, did you rock that look!

Without in-person events, it was the year we live-streamed, Instagrammed and Facebooked our shaved heads proudly. Our chins are still spinning from all the trends, time-lapses and TikToks we’ve seen on social media!

You proved that nothing would stand in the way of your mission to make a difference in the lives of Aussies who need your help.

With Shave week now truly trimmed and tapered off, it’s time ‘toupée’ our thanks to everyone who made this year’s Shave week possible. Without you, there’d be no shaving the world!

So, THANK YOU Australia! Put your shavers together for another incredible year! You have so much to be proud of.

Remember – every dollar raised is a step closer to a future free of this dreadful disease.

Blood cancer is on the rise in Australia – over the past 10 years, incidence of blood cancer has increased by approximately 38% and every day another 47 Australians will be diagnosed. Your fundraising makes sure families facing blood cancer have a place to call home during treatment, someone to turn to, and access to the best possible care and treatment.

You’re also helping Australia’s best and brightest blood cancer researchers in their quest to deliver rapid advancements in diagnosis, treatment and... ultimately — a cure!

So, let's keep the buzz going and hit those extra fundraising goals together!

Your fundraising profiles will remain open until June 30th, when you’ll also go into the running for a whole bunch of SHEAR awesome prizes! What are you waiting for? Your mission isn’t over yet!

From all your sidekicks here at Shave HQ, thank you for an incredible Shave week. Together, we’re bringing hope to families affected by blood cancer.

Together, we’re shaving the world!

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