Spectacular school students shaving in 2019

Every year, schools from across the country participate in Australia’s much loved ‘World’s Greatest Shave’ campaign. Each school generally participates for a special reason such as a student, someone close to a student (parents, relatives, sisters or brothers) or a staff member has been diagnosed with blood cancer. Sometimes, it is simply because they want to help others who are less fortunate than themselves to receive the financial and emotional support that they need.

Schools can be as creative as they like with fundraising (pending approval from a teacher of course!) but some examples of fundraisers that work well at schools include a wacky-wig parade, sausage sizzle at lunch, mufti days, crazy hair days, bake sales or even an auction where the highest bidder gets to shave the participants head?

For Kinross Wolarai, the World’s Greatest Shave has become an annual event. This year more than ten students from Kinross Wolaroi School are participating in the World’s Greatest Shave and… drum roll… they are currently the Top Team fundraiser, raising $18,403.58 so far!

This year will be Farrer Memorial Agricultural High School’s second year participating in the World’s Greatest Shave. With 51 Year 12 boys taking part, Cooper Harris a participant this year said, “It's the school's biggest fundraiser and has become almost a rite of passage for the Year 12’s. Almost every boy is doing the shave this year so we have a very large team.” They have already reached more than 75% of their fundraising goal of $12,000. Way to go boys!

Go ahead, have fun and help the Leukaemia Foundation raise much needed funds to assist people living with blood cancer. Sign up today at https://worldsgreatestshave.com/

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