Make shaving your school’s mission: possible!
Assemble a league of extraordinary action-heroes from your school to shave, cut or colour their hair and raise crucial funds to shave the world from blood cancer!

Assem­ble your World’s Great­est Shave school heroes today!

Your school is chal­lenged to recruit a team of big-heart­ed stu­dents and staff and reg­is­ter for World’s Great­est Shave!

Dob in your teacher, take over assem­bly, or even ral­ly the troops at lunchtime with a moti­va­tion­al speech, Rocky Bal­boa style! All that mat­ters is that you unite a team of action-heroes from your school – all in the name of con­quer­ing blood cancer! 

Today, 50 Aussies will be told that they have blood can­cer – and as the most diag­nosed can­cer amongst chil­dren – blood can­cer is a noto­ri­ous super-vil­lain for schools all over the country. 

Sign­ing up to World’s Great­est Shave is a fun and pow­er­ful way to fight back against blood can­cer and unite your school com­mu­ni­ty while learn­ing impor­tant life lessons about empa­thy, human­i­ty and com­mu­ni­ty ser­vice along the way. Plus – it’s stacks of fun!

World’s Great­est Shave’s offi­cial dates are 16 – 20 March 2021, but if anoth­er term suits your school cal­en­dar bet­ter, you can shave any day of the year!

How to sign up your school:


Sign up

Register your team of school action heroes!

Enter the details of your mission

Enter the details of your mission

Set your team's fundraising goal and your shave date!

Customise your fundraising page

Customise your fundraising page

Add a photo to your team profile and share why you have chosen to shave the world!

And shave, cut or colour!

And shave, cut or colour!

Complete your mission on your shave date!

Start a school team

If your school is new to World’s Greatest Shave, start a school team as team captain below.

Start a school team

Join a school team

If your school is taking part in World’s Greatest Shave, search for your school team here:

Under 18? You’ll need to get this consent form signed by a guardian AND a teacher.

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Why get involved?

World’s Great­est Shave is a pow­er­ful way to uni­fy your school com­mu­ni­ty around an impor­tant cause and is a fun way to edu­cate stu­dents about:


Walk­ing around with shaved or coloured hair helps stu­dents learn what life might be like for some­one who has gone through can­cer treat­ment and is deal­ing with phys­i­cal changes. It helps them bet­ter under­stand the dif­fer­ence between empa­thy and sympathy.


Stu­dents who take part often feel more con­nect­ed to the wider com­mu­ni­ty, acknowl­edg­ing the dif­fer­ences between peo­ple and putting oth­ers first. They learn the val­ue of self­less­ness and the beau­ti­ful feel­ing of help­ing those in need.


Stu­dents will feel a huge sense of achieve­ment and suc­cess in com­mit­ting to the chal­lenge, with many describ­ing their expe­ri­ence as empowering.

Has your school braved the shave?

We want to see the school action-heroes who’ve made such a big, hairy sac­ri­fice! Encour­age oth­er schools to sign up by upload­ing your shave pics here.

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