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Congratulations to Australia’s top three fundraising schools!

Australia’s schools have raised over $3.71 Million this year in the World’s Greatest Shave – what a bunch of amazing superheroes!

Congratulations to Australia’s top three fundraising schools:

Guilford Grammar School (WA) - raising $93,785.91

Scotch College (WA) - raising $72,790.96

Fairholme College (QLD) - raising $61,055.59

These schools have won cool bragging rights by being the highest fundraisers nationally during the School Challenge period of 1 Jan to 3 June 2019, earning them three awesome awards valued at over $83,000, thanks to Acer and Nvoke Future Learning!

15 x Acer Aspire 1 Laptops
($10,000 award value)

The Acer Aspire 1 has been built to meet the demands of education. It’s powered by an Intel Pentium Quad Core Processer and has a 14” High Definition 180 degree lay flat screen. It has a ‘Fine Tip’ keyboard for ease of use and Microsoft certified Precision Touchpad to help you work more effectively. The Aspire 1 has a slim (17.95mm) and lightweight (1.65kg) design, an 8 hour battery life to last the full school day and consistent Wireless Signal with the 802.11ac Antenna.

This award from Acer is sure to support the learning process at every step. Acer’s hardware solutions are designed to support dynamic, mobile and interactive learning environments.

Robotics Program and
Tailored Learning Solution
($13,200 award value)

Put robotics and technology to work in your classroom! Have the chance to either engage with humanoid robots on a project aligned to your curriculum OR host a "hackathon", where students use technology to solve a problem. Either way, your students will improve their cognitive, social and emotional skills, and have a blast too! The awarded school will receive 4-6 sessions of either the robotics program or hackathon event delivered over two weekends.

This award also includes access to learning empowerment tool “MindPrint”, currently used by NASA and referenced in over 250 academic journals. This tool will enable you to go beyond traditional student assessment, identifying how each child learns best and providing strategies for parents and teachers to drive better learning outcomes. It can be used for up to five teachers and five students.

Collaborative Classroom for a term
($60,000 award value)

This innovative solution combines leading edge collaboration technologies and flexible classroom designs to create exceptional learning experiences! A pioneering approach enables schools to experience the value that great collaborative learning spaces create.

The award includes modular furniture that is tailored to the school’s needs, provided by Valiant in partnership with Nvoke. There's also weConnect, a collaborative cloud-based learning solution, brought to us by Audio Visual Distributors and Nvoke. This unique solution provides the awarded school with an opportunity to experience a collaborative learning space for one term at their school.

Supercharge your classroom cred by getting in on the fun of shaving.

If you waive the shave, you can still have a blast with coloured hair spray or teachers can banish beards or wax hairy legs! You can take part during the Leukaemia Foundation’s World’s Greatest Shave at any time during the year, it’s up to you.

Our team is ready to help you blast off into superhero status! When you sign up your school, you’ll get posters, tattoos, email templates, online fundraising pages and heaps more.

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