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Get your school shaving


Schools Challenge

Get sponsored to shave or colour your hair

Let your hair down for the Leukaemia Foundation’s World’s Greatest Shave – let's see students, parents and teachers joining in the fun!

It’s a great way to bring the school community together, for students to show their leadership skills and for everyone to learn the value of supporting a great cause.

The money your school raises will give families facing blood cancer the emotional and practical support they need and fund vital research that will help more people survive blood cancers like lymphoma, leukaemia and myeloma, while improving their quality of life.

Our Schools Challenge offers certificates or awards for the high schools who raise the most in State, as well as bragging rights, of course!

So let’s get shaving to help beat blood cancer.

  1. Sign up using our simple online form to register your centre, school or college as a School Team.
  2. We'll be in touch with everything you need.
  3. Decided who's shaving or colouring
  4. Start Fundraising
  5. Get shaving, have fun and help beat blood cancer.

Sign up your school

Here are some tips to get you started:

Encourage teachers and students to get sponsored to shave their hair.

Host an event where the school community can get involved (think temporary coloured hairspray, gold coin collections, or cake stalls).

Hold your event in December so your hair can grow back during the summer holidays!

Set a target for your whole school. For example, raise $200 and one teacher shaves, raise $500 and all the teachers shave, raise $1,000 and the principal shaves too!

Not everyone needs to shave. You can use temporary hair colour which washes out the next day if you're not-so-brave!

Invite everyone to join your team by email, put posters up, post invitations on social media and send texts to your friends.

Include the details of your fundraising in the school newsletter to parents.

Create your own tasty chin-faces! Quickly make 100 and sell them for $2! That's an easy $200 cash.

Under 18?

You MUST get a consent form signed by a guardian AND a teacher.

Consent Form

There's serious classroom kudos up for grabs

And it's not just bragging rights!


No matter the mane there's some serious classroom kudos up for grabs if you join in the fun of shaving.

If you waive the shave you can still have a blast with coloured hair spray.


Our team is ready to help. You'll get posters, emails, online fundraising pages and heaps more.

You can do it this term or next.

It's up to you!


There are certificates and awards to be won by the childcare centres, primary and high schools and colleges that raise the most in their state.

So let's get your school shaving and you could win a state award.

Beat blood cancer

Blood cancers like leukaemia and lymphoma are the most common cancers in children and teenagers. The World's Greatest Shave Schools Challenge is your chance to help other young people.