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Make shaving your school’s mission: possible!
When your school braves the shave, you don’t just raise money – you say goodbye to your hair so more people can say goodbye to blood cancer.

Your school is challenged to recruit a team of big-hearted students and staff and register for World’s Greatest Shave!

Dob in your teacher, take over the assembly, or rally your school mates at lunchtime with a motivational speech! Gather a team of big-hearted staff and students and shave, cut or colour your hair next March to help stop blood cancer wrecking lives.

Today, 53 Aussies will be told that they have blood cancer – and as the most diagnosed cancer among children – blood cancer affects schools all over the country.

Signing up for World’s Greatest Shave is a fun and powerful way to fight back against blood cancer and unite your school community while learning important life lessons about empathy, humanity, and community service along the way. Plus – it’s stacks of fun! 

School registrations for World’s Greatest Shave 2024 are now open. Sign up early to start fundraising, and join thousands of Aussies braving the shave during World’s Greatest Shave’s official event in March 2024.

Start a school team 

Sign up your school in these four simple steps…


Sign up

Register your team of school action heroes!

Enter the details of your mission

Enter the details of your mission

Set your team's fundraising goal and your shave date!

Customise your fundraising page

Customise your fundraising page

Add a photo to your team profile and share why you have chosen to shave the world!

And shave, cut or colour!

And shave, cut or colour!

Complete your mission on your event date!

Start a school team

If your school is new to World’s Greatest Shave, start a school team as team captain below.

Start a school team

Join a school team

If your school is taking part in World’s Greatest Shave, search for your school team here:

Are you under 18? Written consent from your parent/guardian is required to participate in World's Greatest Shave. Please ask your parent/legal guardian to complete the form when you sign up.

Signing up as an individual? No problem, sign up here.

World’s Greatest Shave is a powerful way to unify your school community around an important cause and is a fun way to educate students about:


Walking around with shaved or coloured hair helps students learn what life might be like for someone who has gone through cancer treatment and is dealing with physical changes. It helps them better understand the difference between empathy and sympathy.


Students who take part often feel more connected to the wider community, acknowledging the differences between people and putting others first. They learn the value of selflessness and the beautiful feeling of helping those in need.


Students will feel a huge sense of achievement and success in committing to the challenge, with many describing their experience as empowering.

Are you ready to accept your mission?

Sign up now to make conquering blood cancer your MISSION: POSSIBLE!

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