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World’s Greatest Shave is a fun and powerful way to unite the school community and learn important life lessons about empathy, humanity and community service.

With blood cancers being the most common childhood cancer – we’re looking to the future for a cure. The students of today are the doctors, medical researchers, nurses and health care workers of tomorrow.

When students run point on World’s Greatest Shave, they develop valuable leadership and organisational skills. Plus – it’s stacks of fun!

The official World's Greatest Shave week is 16–20 March 2022, but you can shave any day of the year!

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Why get involved?

World’s Greatest Shave is a powerful way to unify your school community around an important cause and is a fun way to educate students about:


Walking around with shaved or coloured hair helps students learn what life might be like for someone who has gone through cancer treatment and is dealing with physical changes. It helps them better understand the difference between empathy and sympathy.


Students who take part often feel more connected to the wider community, acknowledging the differences between people and putting others first. They learn the value of selflessness and the beautiful feeling of helping those in need.


Students will feel a huge sense of achievement and success in committing to the challenge, with many describing their experience as empowering.