How to take part

Get sponsored to shave or colour your hair and help shave the world from blood cancer!

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BOOM! Get ready for an amazing experience!

Shave, colour, cut or wax your hair and ask friends and family to sponsor you.

You'll be joining an elite group of extraordinary superheroes on a mission to shave the world from blood cancer.

When you sign up and raise money for World’s Greatest Shave you are giving families facing blood cancer the emotional and practical support they need.

You are also funding vital research that will help more people survive blood cancers like lymphoma, leukaemia and myeloma, while improving their quality of life.

  • Sign up and we'll send you tips and tools in a free kit.
  • You can also download the “My Shave” App to make it easy to ask all your phone contacts to support you.
  • Our team will be your shave sidekicks, giving you all the support you need to make your World's Greatest Shave a rewarding and awesome experience.

Sign up today

Will you be shaving?
  • We suggest clipper length No.1 or No.2
  • If you're opting for a slightly longer 'do', choose No.3 or No.4.
  • Lots of men bravely opt to shave their beards too.
  • Got a long pony tail or man bun? Snip Snip! (Then go a step further and shave the rest!).
Not shaving? Be cool with colour!
  • Colour your hair! You can use bright hairspray that washes out the next day (and, if you buy your hairspray direct from Cinta, a portion of the proceeds will go to the Leukaemia Foundation!).
  • Or if you dare, make a more permanent change with your hairdresser.
Make your mark and be different!
    • Get creative - add some gorgeous flowers to your hair.
    • Style it into a bizarre hairstyle for a day then shave as your big finale.
    • Wax your legs or arms...or if you're a guy, your back or chest (ZING!)
    • Already bald? Use face-paint to get creative!

Kapow! Supercharge your fundraising

Here's how to get the ball rolling.

Add some personality to your online fundraising page

  • Take a before photo and make it your profile pic
    Your sponsors will be more generous if they can see your smiling face.
  • Update your page with your story
    It's your most powerful weapon in the fight to shave the world from blood cancer.
  • Post lots of pictures, videos and thank you messages
    Your page has a timeline - a bit like Facebook. Your sponsors will be more generous if you keep sharing your shave journey.

Sign up today

Broadcast it!

  • Post your brave decision on social media
    Assemble your heroes - let all your family and friends know how to sponsor you.
  • Share the link to your online fundraising page
  • Post regularly about your shave and how your fundraising is going
    Always use #worldsgreatestshave.
  • Power up your email
    Check out the easy to use template on your fundraising dashboard - it's proven to be the most successful way to ask for support.

Back yourself

  • Kickstart your fundraising by sponsoring yourself

    Our most powerful superheroes back themselves - it's a great way to encourage others to donate!

  • Be as generous as you can
    Give $50 and others will feel they should give the same, if not more!

Use the app

  • Download the World's Greatest Shave “My Shave” mobile app
  • Ask your friends to sponsor you by SMS
  • Post photos with previews of crazy hairstyles
  • Keep track of your fundraising goal
  • Set up a countdown to your shave date
  • Post progress selfies before, during and after your event