How to take part

Choose your hairy challenge

There are options: shave, colour, wax, lose the beard and more


  • If you’re going to shave, we prefer clipper length No.1 or No.2.
  • Many women opt for No.3 or No.4.
  • For health and liability reasons we don’t recommend blade shaves down to the skin.


  • Spray your locks with a stunning temporary hair colour. We recommend you use non-permanent hair spray or chalk that washes out the same day.
  • Cinta Intense Hair Colour Sprays are ideal and are available from all good pharmacies. You can also try hair chalks - they wash out easily as well. You can buy a pack here.

Other ideas for girls

  • Wear a wig.
  • Wear a wacky style for the day.
  • Go crazy with clips, scrunchies and hair extensions!
  • Got long hair? Go short – then shorter still!

Other ideas for guys

  • Try shaving off your beard, moustache or sideburns.
  • Wax your legs or chest!
  • Lose the mullet or the comb-over!
  • Use face-paint to get creative on your already bald head.

Tell your friends!

Give your sponsors a heads up to kickstart your fundraising

Your online shave page is the key to success.

  • Upload a profile photo to make the page all about you.
  • Add your personal story to tell people why you’re taking part.
  • Post updates and photos on your page to keep your supporters in the picture.

Download the My Shave iPhone App.

  • It's the easiest way to ask all your iPhone contacts.
  • Have fun sharing Shave selfies online and much more.

Click here to download to your iPhone or iPad.

Spread the word

  • Like our page on Facebook to keep up with the latest news and share ideas with fellow shavers.
  • Post a link to your Shave Page on Facebook to make it even easier for friends to sponsor you online.
  • Always use #worldsgreatestshave when you post pics and updates on social media.

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