Top tips for getting sponsors

Take a look through these brilliant tried and tested fundraising ideas.

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Now ask your friends, family, in fact all your contacts by text, email, or social media.

Here's a good place to start. 

  • Ask yourself! Make your own donation for $100 - your sponsors will follow your lead and you'll raise heaps more. 

  • Post what you're doing on Social media. Share the link to your page and get your friends to start clicking.

  • Ask four family members to sponsor you.  If Mum, Dad or Uncle Joe won't stump up, no-one will!

  • Now we're motoring.  Time to ask 5 people at school club or church to donate. Tell them why you're doing it and what you're going to look like afterwards.

  • Ask 5 co-workers to sponsor you for at least $20 each. They'll see your new-look more than anyone.  Pop a 'before' photo on the noticeboard to promote your shave.

  • Ask your boss for a company contribution of $100.

  • Now hit up your friends.  Ask 3 friends to donate TODAY.

  • Go through your phone contacts every day and send a couple more messages.

Go for it!

The hardest part about raising money can be asking people to sponsor you!

Here's our who, what, where and how!


Start asking for sponsorship straight away: don’t wait until after you’ve done the deed to kickstart your fundraising. Login now

Fundraise on the day you shave by holding an auction.  The highest bidder earns the right to shave your hair.

Keep fundraising after you shave. You have until June 30.

You can shave any day that suits you or wait until our next official dates March 14-18 2018.


Ask everyone you know: Family, friends, club members, workmates, clients, customers, other stores or departments and suppliers at work. Click here to check out the memory jogger.


Always ask for a specific amount. For example $53 means we can visit someone in hospital to help them overcome their fears about treatment.

Set an example and start by sponsoring yourself on your page. 


Always tell your sponsors that their donation will go towards blood cancer research which is needed urgently to find better treatments and cures, as well as supporting families with practical and emotional support during their long and gruelling treatment, free of charge. How the money helps


Send emails, SMS and Facebook posts asking for sponsorship including a link to your Shave Page so people can sponsor you with their credit card and get a receipt by email straight away. Login now


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