How to fundraise

Every dollar you raise will help to conquer blood cancer. So supercharge your fundraising and reach for the stars with these helpful tips!

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Awesome tips and ideas to help you on your fundraising mission

Kickstart your fundraising by sponsoring yourself

Our most powerful superheroes back themselves – it encourages others to donate.

Be as generous as you can

Give $50 and others will feel they should give the same, if not more!

Power up your online fundraising page

Take a ‘before’ photo and make it your profile pic. Then update your page with your story, letting everyone know WHY you are undergoing your superhero transformation. Update your page along your shave journey to get your sponsors excited!

Use the app

Download the World’s Greatest Shave “My Shave" mobile app. You can keep track of your fundraising goal, ask friends to sponsor you, post progress selfies and more.

Broadcast it

Personal emails to friends, family and workmates are proven to be the most successful way to ask for support. Your fundraising dashboard gives you an easy to use template for this.

Collection box power

Put up posters and leave a collection box on the counter at your work, school or club. Then send a message around asking people to put in some money. Loose change can add up!

Supercharge your shave day!

Shave or colour anytime that suits you.

Reach out again to everyone you’ve asked for support and ask them to be there! Shaving is even better when your family and friends are there for the big moment.

Power up your fundraising on the day by auctioning off clipper privileges to the highest bidder for the right to shave your head! Or tie up your hair into lots of small sections and charge $10 a snip!

And remember to post plenty of before and after selfies using #worldsgreatestshave. You’ve done an amazing thing – now share it with the world!

Keep fundraising after you shave. People will be generous once they see your sacrifice, and you can pay-in money until June 30.

Superpower sizzle and raffle

It’s an oldie but a goodie - hold a BBQ for gold coin donation. Or ask people in your local community to donate a prize and make your own raffle.

Let your superhero status soak in

Enjoy the rush of feel good vibes on the day - it's all about the extraordinary thing you're doing to help conquer blood cancer!

Get more awesome tips in our fundraising guide

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Be a proud shaver

Earn these badges as you reach each fundraising milestone so your supporters can see the difference you're making

I'm in Badge

You've earned your first badge by signing up and promising to make the sacrifice – thanks!

Cha-Ching Badge

You're off and running by raising your first dollar!

Helping Hands Badge

You've raised $250. That’s enough to enable a family to attend a support program specific to their blood cancer.

Sleep Easy Badge

You've raised $560. That’s enough to give a regional family a free place to stay close to treatment in the city for one week.

Beep Beep Badge

You've raised $1200. That’s enough to provide free transport for people who are too ill to drive after chemotherapy treatment, for two weeks.

Breakthrough Badge

You've raised $2000. That’s enough to aid future breakthroughs by funding a major blood cancer research project, for one week.

Discover Badge

You've raised $4800. That’s enough to fund 3 months of laboratory costs for a research project to discover better treatments for blood cancer.

Life Saver Badge

You've raised $10,000. That’s enough to provide emotional support to help 300 families overcome the initial shock and stress of being diagnosed.