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How to fundraise
Helpful tips and everything you need to know to smash your fundraising goal.

Get ready to do something extraordinary!

Ensure your fundraising page is setup for success.

Update your fundraising page with your story, or your why’. It’s your secret weapon to inspire others and drive donations that will help conquer blood cancer! Be sure to take a before’ photo and upload it as your profile picture on your fundraising page.

Your fundraising page also has a news feed – a bit like Facebook. Use it regularly to post photos, video updates or thank you messages.

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Kick start your fundraising!

1. Back yourself!

Set an example for others to follow by making the first donation on your page. It also gives people an amount to match.

2. Broadcast it!

You are now a walking, talking messenger for blood cancer awareness and support. Sharing why you’re doing this can boost your fundraising efforts. Personal emails to friends, family and colleagues is a great way to ask for support. Not sure how to ask, exactly? We’ve put together an email template for you to use, which you can find on your fundraising dashboard.

3. Spread the work further on socials!

Get more eyeballs across your efforts by posting on your socials, using #worldsgreatestshave, #bloodcancer and #missionpossible and tagging us at @worldsgreatestshave.

4. Get Appy!

Download the World’s Greatest Shave Apple or Android mobile app and use it to post photos of yourself with previews of crazy hairstyles, keep track of your goal, set up a countdown to your shave day, post progress selfies on your profile, and of course ask people to sponsor you.

Supercharge your fundraising!

Shavers who ask friends, family and workmates for a specific donation amount raise more. Be sure to suggest the amount you’d like people to donate when you are asking for help.

Ask everyone for a donation

Family and friends should be the first on your list, then colleagues, local businesses and classmates.


Auction off clipper privileges to the highest bidder for the right to shave your head! Or section off your hair into a ponytail or small plaits and auction off the right to do the chop.

Get Crafty

Do you have a unique skill? Perhaps you’re a great painter or are obsessed with making homemade jewellery. Do a live stream auction or put a post up offering a reward in exchange for a donation. You could even spark your next side hustle!

Raffle It

Reach out to local businesses that might want to boost business by gifting a prize or voucher to use in the future. You can raffle these off by promising a raffle entry for every $5 donated to your fundraising page. It’s a boost for you AND your business! Be sure to check your state government’s requirements for running raffles.

Sell Sell Sell

Declutter and have a virtual garage sale! You can list your pre-loved’ goodies on websites like Gumtree or Facebook Marketplace. Let people know in your listing that the money is going towards your World’s Greatest Shave goal and you might snag a better deal (or they might even donate to your page!)

Got a birthday or another celebration coming up?

Ask for donations to your page instead of gifts. You could also ask local businesses to donate prizes and put together a raffle! See if your workplace will match your fundraising. Even better, get the whole team involved and shave at work!

Print out a QR poster

You can find your very own personalised QR poster in your fundraising dashboard. Print this out for friends and family to easily scan it and give you a quick donation!

Bake sale or Sausage Sizzle

It’s an oldie but a goodie — hold a BBQ for bake sale for a gold coin donation. Enjoy the rush of feel-good vibes on the day — it’s all about the extraordinary thing you’re doing to help conquer blood cancer!

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Looking for more tools?

This fundraising guide is packed full of the world’s greatest tips and gadgets to help you accomplish your mission.

You can find this in your dash­board, along with heaps more use­ful resources to help make the most of your experience!

Useful Resources 

Meet Audrey

An inspiring nine-year-old from NSW who really put the fun’ in fundraise’! Over a 10-month period, Audrey came up with four fun and exciting ways to fundraise – from recycling old Pepsi cans to making and selling scrunchies!

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How the money helps

Getting sponsored to shave your hair is an amazing way to help people with blood cancer.

Learn more about the Leukaemia Foundation