Supercharge your fundraising!

Smash your fundraising with these easy tips and tricks!

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Awesome tips and ideas to help you on your fundraising mission!

Back yourself!

Our most powerful superheroes kickstart their fundraising by donating to themselves!

Broadcast it!

Personal emails to friends, family and workmates are proven to be the most successful way to ask for support. Your fundraising dashboard will give you an easy to use template for this.

Get Appy!

Download the World’s Greatest Shave “My Shave” Apple or Android mobile app, which is filled with cool stuff!

Superpower sizzle!

It’s an oldie but a goodie - hold a BBQ for gold coin donation! Goes down a treat at work on a Friday!

Ask everyone!

Family and friends should be the first on your list; then ask classmates, colleagues, customers and local businesses.

The power of the collection box!

Put up posters and leave a collection box on the counter at your work, school or club. Then send a message around asking people to put in some money. Put a bag of lollies next to it to tempt them into donating!

Raffle It!

Talk to people in your local community to see if they'll donate a prize. Your local cafe might donate a voucher for breakfast, or the nearest cinema might donate movie passes.

Put together a basket full of treats you've baked. Click here to try our cookie recipe.

Sell, sell, sell!

Supercharge your fundraising by selling goodies from the World's Greatest Shave online shop. Put a little pack together of wristbands, water bottles and balloons and add chocolate, chips and other treats.

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Get your superhero look!

Every superhero has their outfit! Transform yourself on your big day with our World's Greatest Shave merchandise.

You’ll find stacks of cool merch including tshirts and hats. The money you spend will also be helping to shave the world from blood cancer!

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Get out there!

Shaving is even more fun in front of a crowd! You can do your shave at one of hundreds of free public events across Australia, manned by awesome volunteers and hairdressers. Flash you pearly whites as the crowd goes wild and celebrates your superhero status!

Check out the list of events near you

Be a blood cancer crusader and host a shave event!

Be the host with the superhero most and host a shave event! It’s a great opportunity for the public to shave in front of a crowd. You’ll meet fellow shavers and together, become cape crusaders as you rock your new do!

Click here to let us know if you're interested in hosting a shave event.

Supercharge your shave day!

Shave or colour anytime that suits you.

Reach out again to everyone you’ve asked for support and ask them to be there! Shaving is even better when your family and friends are there for the big moment.

Power up your fundraising on the day by auctioning off clipper privileges to the highest bidder for the right to shave your head! Or tie up your hair into lots of small sections and charge $10 a snip!

And remember to post plenty of before and after selfies using #worldsgreatestshave. You’ve done an amazing thing – now share it with the world!

Keep fundraising after you shave. People will be generous once they see your sacrifice, and you can pay-in money until June 30.

Soak in your superhero status!

Remember it's all about you and the extraordinary thing you're doing to help shave the world from blood cancer!