Sign up your work team today!

Round up your squad, dob in your boss and sign up to shave, cut or colour at work to help fight blood cancer!

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Make beating blood cancer your business!

Bail up your boss, schedule a Zoom meeting and get your workmates to shave the world from blood cancer!

We’re asking you and your workmates to answer the superhero call for World’s Greatest Shave.

Slide a new agenda item into your team meeting, rally around the water cooler and unite your team – all to help over 50 Australians whose lives will be devastated today when they learn that they have blood cancer.

World’s Greatest Shave is a fun and powerful way to bond your team around a common goal, to foster a big-hearted team culture of care and to do something for the greater good.

It’s proven that customers and clients want to stick with businesses that do good things for the world. Your company socials will buzz!

The official World's Greatest Shave week is 16–20 March 2022, but you can shave any day of the year!

Sign up your work team today!

Supercharge your work team with these tips:

Appoint a Team Captain

Launch your team with a Team Captain who sign ups and gets everyone started!

Assemble your heroes

Invite your work colleagues, clients and suppliers to colour or shave their hair to help Aussies with blood cancer. Hold a virtual event to bring your community together online.

Colour up

Make sure everyone wears colour in their hair on the day! Try coloured hair spray or hair chalk. Think company colours, footy team colours - the choice is yours!

Show it off!

Share your photos on social media and in your company newsletter.

Ask about dollar matching

Check to see if your company has an employee dollar matching program and make sure you apply for a share. If not, ask them to consider starting a program for World’s Greatest Shave!

Super teams

Super teams are a great way of grouping together with interstate branches or sites to combine your fundraising into one grand total nationally. It’s even easier for the company to make a donation to support everyone’s efforts – get out that corporate credit card!

Get started!

  1. Head to our simple online form to register
  2. Create your workplace team
  3. We'll be in touch to help you get cracking
  4. Rally teammates to join in!
  5. Start Fundraising!
  6. Bzzzzzzzzzzz... Get shaving!

Remember, you can shave, colour, cut or wax at any time during the year.

Sign up your work team