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Get sponsored to shave your hair and help beat blood cancer.


This iconic event is 21 years old in 2019

Extraordinary Aussies help beat blood cancer by getting sponsored to shave or colour their hair.

21 years of helping to beat blood cancer

The Leukaemia Foundation’s World’s Greatest Shave began back in 1998.

21 years on it remains one of Australia’s biggest fundraising events.

People of all ages shave, colour or wax, cut pony tails, banish beards and trim top knots.

And they're supported all the way by proud family, friends, colleagues and classmates.

Some have a personal connection to blood cancer, while others take part simply to have fun and raise money for a good cause.

Blood cancer in the third most common cause of cancer death in Australia, claiming more lives than breast cancer or melanoma. And every day another 35 people will be diagnosed.

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When you sign up and raise money for the World’s Greatest Shave you are giving families facing blood cancer the emotional and practical support they need.

You are also funding vital research that will help more people survive blood cancers like lymphoma, leukaemia and myeloma, while improving their quality of life.

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Use the tips and tools in your free kit and download the App to make the most of your hairy sacrifice.

Earn special online badges as you fundraise, then shave or colour your hair at home, work or school.

The Leukaemia Foundation will give you all the support you need to make your World's Greatest Shave a rewarding and unforgettable experience.

Fast facts

Leukaemia, lymphoma and myeloma are types of blood cancer. Blood cancer and related disorders can develop in anyone, of any age, at any time.

More than 60,000 Australians are living with blood cancer or related disorders, and the equivalent of one person every 41 minutes is diagnosed.

Although research is improving survival, sadly an Australian loses their life to blood cancer every two hours. They claim more lives than breast cancer and melanoma.

The Leukaemia Foundation is the only national charity dedicated to helping more Australians with leukaemia, lymphoma, myeloma and related disorders survive their blood cancer and live a better quality of life.

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How the money helps

We'll update your page as you reach each fundraising milestone so your supporters can see the difference you're making

I'm in badge

You've earned your first badge by signing up and promising to make the sacrifice – thanks!

Cha-Ching Badge

You're off and running by raising your first dollar!

Helping Hands Badge

You've raised $250. That’s enough to enable a family to attend a support program specific to their blood cancer.

Sleep Easy Badge

You've raised $560. That’s enough to give a regional family a free place to stay close to treatment in the city for one week.

Beep Beep Badge

You've raised $1200. That’s enough to provide free transport for people who are too ill to drive after chemotherapy treatment, for two weeks.

Breakthrough Badge

You've raised $2000. That’s enough to aid future breakthroughs by funding a major blood cancer research project, for one week.

Discover Badge

You've raised $4800. That’s enough to fund 3 months of laboratory costs for a research project to discover better treatments for blood cancer.

Life Saver Badge

You've raised $10,000. That’s enough to provide emotional support to help 300 families overcome the initial shock and stress of being diagnosed.