Why take part in World’s Greatest Shave?

Why Shave hero

Blood cancer takes so much.

It can take your job, it can take you away from your family, it can take your hair... and it can take your life.

We shave as the ultimate act of solidarity and to send a powerful message of hope to over 50 more Australians who are diagnosed with blood cancer every single day.

By the end of today, over 50 Australians will need to tell their families that they are now facing blood cancer, and life must stop as they navigate the scary moments ahead. It can happen to anyone, of any age – at any time.

Shaving is a big deal. It’s an extraordinary person that dons the cape to shave the world from blood cancer. They are selfless, brave and big-hearted!

Funds raised by these heroes will provide families facing blood cancer with the special care they need to make it through every scary, uncertain moment that follows a diagnosis.

This care includes providing accommodation near life-saving treatment at no cost and the support of specially trained blood cancer support workers who can help them navigate the system and their treatment at every step.

This care is critical, precious relief for families who may need to face weeks, months or sometimes even years of treatment. When you are too sick to keep working or need to leave your job to care for someone fighting blood cancer –financial strain and hardship follow.

Funds raised through World’s Greatest Shave help families meet costs like putting food on the table, covering rent or paying bills. In a dark and troubling time, when families feel helpless and alone –this help is priceless.

Donations are amazing. They transform fear, into hope in miraculous, life-changing ways by furthering the work of brilliant research scientists who are uncovering ground - breaking advancements in blood cancer treatment. This research is saving lives every single day. They need to keep going!

The simple truth is – without brave shavers – the search for a cure would falter.

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Celebrating 23 years of World's Greatest Shave!

In 2021, the Leukaemia Foundation will celebrate 23 years of the World’s Greatest Shave campaign, making it one of Australia’s longest running and most loved fundraising events.

People of all ages channel their inner superhero and shave, colour, or wax the hair – supported all the way by proud family, friends, colleagues and classmates.

Some will have a personal connection to blood cancer, while others take part simply to have fun, tick a bucket list box and raise money for a good cause.

More than 2 million Aussies have taken part over the past two decades, with an estimated 37,500 kilograms of hair removed!

The Leukaemia Foundation stands with every Australian to cure and conquer every type of blood cancer, with care

As the only national organisation representing the needs of all people living with blood cancer in Australia, the Leukaemia Foundation has chosen to take the lead in the conversation around blood cancer.

We’ve set a bold new goal to create real change for people living with blood cancer: Zero Lives Lost to Blood Cancer by 2035.

By raising money through the World’s Greatest Shave, you will be working with us towards this powerful goal.

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