Be a green superhero!
Your shaved hair and ponytails can help save the planet too.

Your hair can have a second life!

Thanks to our partnership with

Power up your ponytail

Wait! Before you shave… do you have 20cm or more of natural or coloured hair?

Your ponytails have the power to become a charitable wig for someone suffering from cancer, and give them back their confidence!

Did you know it takes 20 ponytails to make just one wig? That’s why EVERY PONYTAIL MATTERS!

Download the Sustainable Salons Factsheet to find out how to prep your ponies perfectly for donation.

Watch Katie’s amazing shave and ponytail donation!

Hair clippings can soak up an oil spill

Don’t have enough hair for a ponytail? Don’t worry! The hair clippings you shave can help Sustainable Salons soak up oil spills thanks to its incredible Hair Boom Project.

Once it reaches the Sustainable Salons depot, your hair is stuffed into stockings to make sausage-shaped Hair Booms that can absorb up to 4L of oil in a spill on land or at sea. How cool!

Download the Sustainable Salons Factsheet to find out how to send it in.

Looking for a hairdresser to prep your ponytails for you?

Stylists at Sustainable Salons around the country have all been specially-trained to prepare and cut your ponytails for donation. They can also collect them and send them directly to the Sustainable Salons depot, saving you the postage!

Your special $25* post-shave haircut awaits!

Have you thought about your hair after you shave? Visit your local Sustainable Salon for a special post-shave tidy-up for just $25*, then book in your future haircuts as your lovely locks return!

What is Sustainable Salons?

Sustainable Salons is a social enterprise that helps its salon members reduce their impact on the planet while investing in local communities. It’s also the Southern Hemisphere’s largest collector and donor of ponytails for medical wigs, and all recycling proceeds are donated to charitable organisations.

Watch the video below to find out more about how it works!


All ponytails and hair clippings can be posted to:

World’s Greatest Shave Ponytails
c/​o Sustainable Salons

Please ensure you apply the correct amount for postage. You can use a prepaid satchel (take careful notice of the weight restrictions on the satchel) or take your ponytails in an envelope to the post office for the customer service representative to process for you. Unfortunately, any parcels with incorrect postage will not be received by Sustainable Salons.


  • Fundraisers may redeem one style-cut only using this offer.

  • Prices may change depending on salon but the offer will be a maximum of $25 including GST (excludes credit surcharges and the Sustainable Salons Fee).

  • Salons may ask to see the fundraiser’s Official World’s Greatest Shave fundraising page prior to scheduling the appointment.

  • Available appointment times and stylists are at the discretion of the salon.

  • Additional service prices such as colour or treatments are at the discretion of the salon.