Be a green superhero!
Your shaved hair and ponytails can help save the planet too.

Your hair can have a sec­ond life!

Thanks to our part­ner­ship with

Pow­er up your ponytail

Wait! Before you shave… do you have 20cm or more of nat­ur­al or coloured hair?

Your pony­tails have the pow­er to become a char­i­ta­ble wig for some­one suf­fer­ing from can­cer, and give them back their confidence!

Did you know it takes 20 pony­tails to make just one wig? That’s why EVERY PONY­TAIL MATTERS!

Down­load the Sus­tain­able Salons Fact­sheet to find out how to prep your ponies per­fect­ly for donation.

Down­load the Sus­tain­able Salons Factsheet 

Watch Katie’s amaz­ing shave and pony­tail donation!

Hair clip­pings can soak up an oil spill

Don’t have enough hair for a pony­tail? Don’t wor­ry! The hair clip­pings you shave can help Sus­tain­able Salons soak up oil spills thanks to its incred­i­ble Hair Boom Project.

Once it reach­es the Sus­tain­able Salons depot, your hair is stuffed into stock­ings to make sausage-shaped Hair Booms that can absorb up to 4L of oil in a spill on land or at sea. How cool!

Down­load the Sus­tain­able Salons Fact­sheet to find out how to send it in.

Down­load the Sus­tain­able Salons Factsheet 

Look­ing for a hair­dress­er to prep your pony­tails for you?

Styl­ists at Sus­tain­able Salons around the coun­try have all been spe­cial­ly-trained to pre­pare and cut your pony­tails for dona­tion. They can also col­lect them and send them direct­ly to the Sus­tain­able Salons depot, sav­ing you the postage!

Your spe­cial $25* post-shave hair­cut awaits!

Have you thought about your hair after you shave? Vis­it your local Sus­tain­able Salon for a spe­cial post-shave tidy-up for just $25*, then book in your future hair­cuts as your love­ly locks return!

Find your near­est Sus­tain­able Salon 

What is Sus­tain­able Salons?

Sus­tain­able Salons is a social enter­prise that helps its salon mem­bers reduce their impact on the plan­et while invest­ing in local com­mu­ni­ties. It’s also the South­ern Hemisphere’s largest col­lec­tor and donor of pony­tails for med­ical wigs, and all recy­cling pro­ceeds are donat­ed to char­i­ta­ble organisations.

See the Sus­tain­able Salons impact so far 

Watch the video below to find out more about how it works!


All pony­tails and hair clip­pings can be post­ed to:

World’s Great­est Shave Pony­tails
c/​o Sus­tain­able Salons

Please ensure you apply the cor­rect amount for postage. You can use a pre­paid satchel (take care­ful notice of the weight restric­tions on the satchel) or take your pony­tails in an enve­lope to the post office for the cus­tomer ser­vice rep­re­sen­ta­tive to process for you. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, any parcels with incor­rect postage will not be received by Sus­tain­able Salons.


  • Fundrais­ers may redeem one style-cut only using this offer.

  • Prices may change depend­ing on salon but the offer will be a max­i­mum of $25 includ­ing GST (excludes cred­it sur­charges and the $2 Sus­tain­able Salons Fee).

  • Salons may ask to see the fundraiser’s Offi­cial World’s Great­est Shave fundrais­ing page pri­or to sched­ul­ing the appointment.

  • Avail­able appoint­ment times and styl­ists are at the dis­cre­tion of the salon.

  • Addi­tion­al ser­vice prices such as colour or treat­ments are at the dis­cre­tion of the salon.