Australia’s favourite ‘geek’ is revving up to lose his locks for a good cause

10 Feb 2023

After stealing Australia’s heart as winner of Beauty and the Geek in 2021, Lachlan Mansell is racing towards a brand new look by taking part in this year’s World’s Greatest Shave.

Next month, Lachlan Mansell will join a long list of well-known faces who have braved the shave. Today he announced his involvement in style.

“Over the last two years I’ve discovered the importance of stepping outside my comfort zone,” Lachlan says. “I hope by taking part in the Leukaemia Foundation’s World’s Greatest Shave that I’ll have another chance to inspire people to push their own boundaries and join me.”

“It’s also a great opportunity for me to help raise awareness of blood cancer and valuable funds for a very worthy cause.”

Since his Beauty and the Geek win back in 2021, Lachlan has since delved into a career in radio and motorsport commentating due to his strong passion for cars. Fun fact – his first word was ‘car’!

Today, Lachlan celebrated his World’s Greatest Shave announcement by doing a hot lap around Sydney Motorsport Park, and was joined at the track by a very special guest – Ruby D’Rozario.

Ruby is a blood cancer survivor and self-confessed Beauty and the Geek fan who was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukaemia (AML) in November 2017.

“Leukaemia is traumatic, scary, and something that will haunt me forever. But, you can get through this if you stay strong and positive! Blood cancer is only a small portion of my story,” Ruby says.

“The effects of cancer last forever, there are haunting memories, fear and struggles that linger and pop up from time to time.”

Ruby receiving treatment in September 2020 in Sydney

After her second bone marrow transplant in 2019 Ruby entered remission, and has been cancer-free ever since – free to continue living a normal life.

Lachlan and Ruby raced around the track together (with a professional driver behind the wheel) while Ruby shared her blood cancer journey with him on what was a special morning for both of them. 

“My hot lap with Lachy was absolutely awesome, was a great way to celebrate four years of being in remission!” said Ruby after stepping out of the car.

Learning about Ruby’s blood cancer journey also reminded Lachlan of the importance of what he was doing, and the people he was raising funds for.

“It was very special being able to spend the morning with Ruby, and to learn about her blood cancer journey and what she had to go through,” said Lachlan.

Both Lachlan and Ruby were all smiles after their hot lap around Sydney Motorsport Park

The Leukaemia Foundation would like to thank Sydney Motorsport Park and Fastrack Experiences for making the day possible.

Ruby is about to start her second year of university, hoping to one day work at a not-for-profit organisation to support others going through things similar to what she had endured.

“I’m just about to start my second year of university studying a Bachelor of Communications and Media. I hope to one day take this degree and work for a non-for-profit foundation in media, ambassador and campaign management.”

With a fundraising target of $10,000, Lachlan is gearing up to shave his head on 14 March and is appealing to Australians to get behind him to help him reach his goal.

“The funds I raise through World’s Greatest Shave are crucial to ensuring those facing blood cancer get the support they need. It will also help drive breakthrough research projects to better diagnose, treat and hopefully one day cure blood cancer.”

“I’m a bit nervous about how I’m going to look with my head shaved but I know I’m in good company. Those who lose their hair after a devasting blood cancer diagnosis don’t have a choice like I do, so I’m doing it for them.”

You can get behind Lachlan by donating to his World’s Greatest Shave fundraising page to help him achieve his $10,000 goal.

You can also join Lachlan in signing up to World’s Greatest Shave and pledge to shave, cut or colour your hair to support Australians like Ruby facing blood cancer.

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10 Feb 2023
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