Meet Emily, the winner of the Suzuki Jimny!

14 Jun 2022

Thanks to our generous partners at Suzuki Australia, every brave Aussie who registered for World’s Greatest Shave and raised at least $100 went into the draw to win a brand-new Suzuki Jimny! This exciting giveaway was open to all registrants who signed up to cut, colour or shave their hair between 1 July 2021 and 20 March 2022.

Emily Scarr, the inspiring 17-year-old from North Queensland, joined her school team to take on World's Greatest Shave and conquer blood cancer together.

The incredible William Ross State High School team has taken part in World’s Greatest Shave for 15 years to help raise money for people living with blood cancer. This year they raised an incredible $6,759.

Emily’s mother, Fiona, faced her own journey with cancer at home.

“I understand how hard it is watching a loved one go through cancer. I recently had my mum go through this hard time, and I decided to cut my hair for her as well as for all the other amazing men and women who let themselves believe that losing their hair will change them as a person. So, I cut my hair to show that it cannot and will not define who I am.”

Emily and her mother Fiona collecting the Suzuki Jimny at the Leukaemia Foundation Queensland Freemasons Village (Townsville)

With over 90,000 entries, Emily’s name was generated on 25 March 2022. We had the pleasure of calling Emily that afternoon to let her know she was the winner! Emily yelled, “Oh my god, I can’t believe it.” She was overjoyed!

Emily had just passed her provisional license (P Plates) and had to fight her parents to drive their car around until she could afford her own.

Paul, Emily’s father, was proud of this incredible moment.

“Emily won a car to finish Year 12 and start University. It is so good to see some karma flow in the right direction. Congratulations, Emily!”

Maria Morris, Emily (middle), her mother Fiona and Emily's brand-new Suzuki Jimny

Emily, we hope you make some amazing memories in your brand-new Suzuki Jimny!

14 Jun 2022
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