March Highlights for World’s Greatest Shave

26 Apr 2024

March Highlights for World’s Greatest Shave

With March done and dusted, it's time to showcase the most ‘bloody beautiful’ moments of our blood cancer charity’s World’s Greatest Shave month.

From the most rural Shave in Australia to participating in front of 35,000 people, we explore the most exciting and inspirational Shaves to take place in March.

As the Leukaemia Foundation's largest campaign, we're proud of our World's Greatest Shave community of trailblazers coming together to help fund game-changing blood cancer support and research. Learn more about our impact today.

The World's Greatest Shave on the TODAY Show

Kicking off World’s Greatest Shave week at the crack of dawn, dozens of volunteers and Leukaemia Foundation staff joined the first of seven live weather crosses. Tim Davies from TODAY, Sam Thaiday from the Wide World of Sports, and Eliza and Liberty from The Block 2023 joined us in Shaving, Cutting, and Coloring hair, while also interviewing fundraisers, all in support of helping us raise thousands.

This moment brought together some incredible stories of people living with blood cancer and how the Leukaemia Foundation has helped them through their individual journeys.

Ambassadors Angie and Dom rock the chop

Australian television personality Angie Kent and MAFS star Dom Calarco showed up and revealed their new ‘dos. Both women rocked a totally new Cut and Colour and raised over $25,000 to help those impacted by blood cancer.

Personal stories drove these two women to become ambassadors for the World's Greatest Shave. Dom's uncle passed away from blood cancer, while Angie's father was diagnosed with the disease in October 2023 and is now undergoing a life-changing bone marrow transplant.

We are proud to have both of these ambassadors by our side and are amazed by their hair transformations.

The most rural shave in Australia: Sarah & Keelan Travels

Travel enthusiasts Sarah and Keelan showcased their involvement in the World's Greatest Shave through two Cuts and a Shave, all on Keelan's hair.

Over a week, this power couple Cut and Shaved in some of the most remote places in Australia – including the Coral Coast in WA and raised over $45,000. Now, that's bloody beautiful!  

A #YouLittleBeauty Moment with Bonnie

10-year-old Bonnie Hurrell showed courage by Shaving for her friend Sienna, who is living with leukaemia.

At Avoca Beach Public School, Bonnie bravely Shaved in front of her classmates and teachers. "Seeing Sienna smiling even though she is going through this inspired me to help her and other people to fight for their lives,” she says.

This inspirational story showcases the compassion of selfless young Australians across the country and the World’s Greatest Shave’s important role in raising awareness of childhood cancer in schools.

Knox Grammar: $100,000 for 100 Years

In March, schools around Australia also got involved in the World's Greatest Shave.

Knox Grammar raised over $100,000 in their 100th year to support our cause with students and staff Shaving, Cutting and Colouring to help beat blood cancer.

This amazing achievement shows how schools and their local communities can come together to raise funds and awareness.

Paul Hopkins lets go of the longest beard in Australia

It can be hard to lose the longest beard in Australia, but that's a sacrifice Paul Hopkins was willing to make. 

Paul went clean-shaven for the first time since his 20s for the World's Greatest Shave, rallying his community together and raising $6,343. He reached his goal of financing 3 months’ worth of laboratory research for blood cancer, and we couldn't be prouder.  

Brisbane Lions: The most public Shave in front of 35,000 people

The Brisbane Lions are known as the ‘pride of Brisbane town’, and in March they were also the pride of the Leukaemia Foundation. Late last year, long-time staff member Nicole Duncan lost her fight to blood cancer, which sent a shock through the Brisbane Lions community. From this, players Jimmy Madden and Joyce Darragh Shaved to show support for Nicole and her family.  

But the Lions didn't stop there. With the Leukaemia Foundation being the official charity partner for their 2023 grand final rematch against Collingwood on the 28th of March, our very own Scott Shaved his head in front of a crowd of 35,000 at The Gabba.  

What an incredible end to the World's Greatest Shave month. 

Did you know you can participate all year round?  
Did you know you can participate all year round?  
Did you know you can participate all year round?  
Did you know you can participate all year round?  
Did you know you can participate all year round?  
Did you know you can participate all year round?  

World’s Greatest Shave Month may have come and gone, but there's still time to sign up!

Sign up to Shave, Cut or Colour your hair today and help fuel real, tangible change in the lives of Australians facing blood cancer tomorrow.  

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26 Apr 2024
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