Announcing your World's Greatest Shave top fundraisers for 2022!

13 Jul 2022

As our mission to shave the world draws to a close for another year, it's time to recognise the country's top action heroes who banked the most funds for World's Greatest Shave 2022!

This year, 17,000 action-heroes from all over the country assembled to shave, cut, and colour their hair in the name of conquering blood cancer. We saw brave Aussies hold shave events all the way from living rooms and backyards to schools, pubs and shopping centres — and it was truly inspiring seeing all the fun and creative ways we came together to shave in support of the 135,000 Aussies currently facing blood cancer.

There is still work to be done to achieve the mission of zero lives lost to blood cancer by 2035, but thanks to everybody who signed up this year — we're one step closer.

While we want to thank every single participant who accepted their mission to shave the world, it is time to give a special shoutout to the World's Greatest Shave top fundraisers for 2022!

Individual Fundraisers

Our top individual fundraiser for 2022 is Graham Mirabito who raised an incredible $42,260!

Graham is no stranger to the Leukaemia Foundation and World's Greatest Shave, in fact, he is the largest individual fundraiser over the last 14 years, raising over $300,000 for Aussies facing blood cancer! This year, Graham continued his fine world-shaving form by becoming Australia's top individual fundraiser for 2022. Congratulations Graham!

Our top 5 individual fundraisers for 2022 are:

#1 Graham Mirabito - $42,260

#2 Kate Wynne - $33,762

#3 Emma Jones-Perrin - $25,982

#4 Emma Edwards - $23,955

#5 Michael Hancock - $23,020

Thank you to all of you for your truly outstanding efforts!


Our highest fundraising school for 2022 is Merewether High School who raised a whopping $119,407!

After a member of their school community was diagnosed with blood cancer over a decade ago, they decided to make World's Greatest Shave an annual tradition. This year, they put on BBQs, bake sales, silly sock days, raffles, handball competitions, crazy hair days and many more fundraisers in their mission to shave the world! All their incredible work has paid off — as they are now officially the top fundraising school for World's Greatest Shave in 2022!

"World's Greatest Shave plays a significant role in our charitable culture and has allowed us to form deeper connections with the school and wider communities."

Our top 5 fundraising schools for 2022 are:

#1 Merewether High School - $119,407

#2 Wesley College 2022 - $111,270

#3 Scotch College Perth 2022 - $90,640

#4 St Mary's AGS - $89,004

#5 Fairholme College 2022 - $73,672

You should all be so proud of your school's contributions to not only Aussies facing blood cancer, but to your local communities. Thanks to all of you for your inspiring fundraising efforts and we hope to see you back even bigger and better next year!


Our highest fundraising workplace for 2022 is Warriors Give Back who raised $37,500!

Security Code Warrior, a software company from Chippendale, NSW, made it their mission to conquer blood cancer. Led by their inspirational team captain, Fatemah, they rallied a team of action-heroes to raise crucial funds for Aussies facing blood cancer — and became the top fundraising workplace in the country! "Warriors are brave, compassionate, determined, and when we give back, we give it our all."

A huge thank you to this incredible workplace team who truly led by example!

Our top 5 fundraising workplaces for 2022 are:

#1 Warriors Give Back - $37,500

#2 Hofnuts - $33,183

#3 Onsite Timber - $32,640


#5 Itsm - $27,000

Thank you to all these incredible workplaces who truly went above and beyond for Aussies facing blood cancer.

Friends & Family

Our highest friends & family fundraiser for 2022 is Team All In For Aspen who raised an eye-watering $142,089!

Just two weeks after her 2nd birthday, Aspen was diagnosed with b-cell acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (B-ALL). This devastating diagnosis prompted Aspen's dad, Jack, to begin a movement – All In For Aspen. Since Aspen's shocking diagnosis, friends and relatives of the Hansen family have rallied together and raised funds for blood cancer research, while also encouraging more Australians to donate blood that can save the life of somebody needing a blood transfusion. Their contributions go far beyond World's Greatest Shave, however this year, this inspiring team completed their mission to shave the world with flying colours to become the top family and friends fundraiser for 2022 — and we have no words left for this extraordinary group of people.

One member of team All In For Aspen, Josh, ran a jaw-dropping 84.4 kilometres before his shave event to raise further funds for their collective campaign! This extraordinary effort exemplifies the lengths that this team goes to not only show support to little Aspen, but to all Aussies who are currently facing the darkness and uncertainty that blood cancer brings.

Our top 5 friends & family fundraisers for 2022 are:

#1 Team All In For Aspen - $142,809

#2 The Beards - $30,257

#3 Team P - $29,145

#4 Nicks And Cuts - $26,325

#5 It's a Gub's life - $24,815

Thank you to Team All In For Aspen and each of the other top fundraising friends and family teams for getting behind and motivating each other to make a huge difference in the lives of Aussies facing blood cancer.

Outstanding Achievement

The World’s Greatest Shave Outstanding Achievement Award celebrates an individual or team who exhibits an outstanding ability to motivate, coordinate or engage their community — while being a strong advocate for the work of the Leukaemia Foundation.


  • Radford College
  • KSS Family
  • Jozica Kostrica


  • Shoalhaven Heads Greatest Shave
  • Ursula Melhem
  • Jesse Lipschitz


  • Hayley Metcalf
  • Haileybury Rendall School 2022
  • Briskets Barras and Balding


  • Cate Lawrie
  • Chancellor SC 2022
  • Gladstone Ports Corporation


  • Prince Alfred College
  • Joanne Lawless -
  • Employee Foundation SA Power Networks


  • EIS Property
  • Scotch Oakburn College Shavers
  • Knockoffs Run Club


  • Yael Fry
  • John Monash Science School
  • Hayley Backhaus


  • St Hilda's Anglican School
  • Emily Lassam
  • Tyler Della Franca

Thank you

And there we have it — your World's Greatest Shave top fundraisers for 2022!

On behalf of every Australian who has been told the devastating news that they have blood cancer, thank you for all the incredible work that you all do to help fuel ongoing research to find better treatments, better care, and ultimately – to achieve our mission of zero lives lost to blood cancer by 2035.

13 Jul 2022
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