Three Shears for Shave Week!

Aus­tralia, we can’t stop BUZZING with joy!

As we trim the last hairs off March, we want to reflect on what an incred­i­ble month it’s been.

Togeth­er, we assem­bled as the great­est league of heroes the world has ever seen. Over 17,000 brave shavers like you caped up and took on the clip­pers for a cure.

That’s 17,000 shaves clos­er to a future free of blood can­cer – and the num­bers are still climbing!

We can’t thank you all enough for your trim-endous sup­port of World’s Great­est Shave this year. In Shave week, we were beyond inspired by your com­mit­ment to the cause when it mat­tered most. You rose above and beyond the call to great­ness. You showed the world your true powers!

Here’s the hairy truth – this last year has been scary for so many of us. It’s been espe­cial­ly scary for the fam­i­lies fac­ing blood can­cer dur­ing a glob­al pandemic.

Blood can­cer didn’t stop for COVID-19, but nei­ther did you! Your brav­ery has giv­en the 47 Aus­tralians whose lives are upend­ed each day by blood can­cer a rea­son to feel like they’re not alone. You helped pro­vide them with the vital sup­port they need in the dark­est moments that fol­low a diagnosis.

In fact, you gave them over four­teen-mil­lion reasons!

That’s right. Togeth­er, super­heroes like your­self have raised over four­teen mil­lion dol­lars to sup­port peo­ple fac­ing blood can­cers and fund vital research that’s sav­ing lives TODAY.

Now THAT’S a cut above!