'Australian Survivor' star Johnny Eastoe bids farewell to his famous mullet

11 Mar 2022

Some are calling it the “end of an era”. Australian Survivor star Johnny Eastoe accepted his mission to shave the world and has bid farewell to his famous mullet for World’s Greatest Shave!

"What better way to close this chapter, than to raise money for a great cause?"

When he’s not grinding through endless challenges and obstacles as a castaway on Australian Survivor, Johnny works as an underground gold miner in Western Australia — so he’s no stranger to being out of his comfort zone.

When Johnny realised that there wasn’t much of a future for his mullet, his decision to cut it off in support of Aussies facing blood cancer was simple.

“It was a long time coming. I'm on the wrong side of thirty, the old girl has been on my case for the better part of a decade, and to be honest, it didn’t have much direction. It was time for the mullet to go!”

Johnny on Australian Survivor in 2019

“I braved the shave not because I know someone who is battling cancer directly, but I have lost a bloke who I considered an uncle growing up to lymphoma. I just believe that if the opportunity to do something nice arises then it's pretty piss poor if you don't do it!"

In the lead up to his shave day, Johnny paid the Leukaemia Foundation a visit in Perth

The day before he braved the shave, Johnny paid us a visit at our Perth office where he met the people behind the cause that he was supporting.

"I was lucky to get down to the Leukemia Foundation's Perth Office and meet the amazing people behind the foundation. Eye-opening is an understatement, the passion these people have for their job is second to none. It is less so a job and more so a mission.

We discussed the work the foundation does day-to-day and I learned above all else the important role fundraising plays in the care and treatment of patients. Whether it's advice, a place to stay or even just a shoulder to cry on, these people have it covered."

Lauren Stacy, Johnny Eastoe and Karris Perrin in the Leukaemia Foundation Perth Office

Johnny’s cross-country mission to bid farewell to his mullet

When it was finally time to say goodbye, Johnny decided to fly out to Sydney all the way from Perth to brave the shave and have his mullet cut off on live TV on Studio 10!

You can check out the action here:

A massive thanks to Johnny for his hairy sacrifice that will do wonders for Aussies facing blood cancer.

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11 Mar 2022
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