Why take part in World's Greatest Shave?
Your shave sends a powerful message of hope.

Blood cancer takes so much.

It can take your job, it can take you away from your family, it can take your hair… and it can take your life.

When someone signs up to shave, cut or colour their hair for World’s Greatest Shave, they send a powerful message of hope to the 110,000 Australians and their families facing blood cancer right now.

Many people facing blood cancer lose their hair during treatment, and shaving is the ultimate act of solidarity to stand by them. The funds you raise will directly support those facing blood cancer today, as well as providing precious relief to over 50 more who will receive the same devastating diagnosis tomorrow.

Here are some exam­ples of how your fundrais­ing can help:

Provide financial assistance

$30 provides an information pack to a family to help them understand and prepare for the challenges ahead following a scary and confronting new diagnosis.

Give a home near treatment

$80 provides the first night of accommodation for a family who have urgently relocated for life‑saving treatment with nowhere to stay.

Help find a cure

$150 means that the work of a PhD scholarship recipient is supported for another day. This brilliant scientist could discover the next great breakthrough towards a cure thanks to you.

The Leukaemia Foundation’s mission is to achieve zero lives lost to blood cancer by 2035, and World’s Greatest Shave provides critical funding to ensure that this vision can become a reality.

The simple truth is — without brave Aussies who accept their mission and shave the world — our search for a cure would falter. So, will you join us?

Sign up now!