Father-daughter duo team up to Shave their heads for cancer

3 May 2024

Whether you want to Cut your hair for cancer, or Shave your head for cancer, our friends at Just Cuts can help you take part in the World’s Greatest Shave. Just like they did with trailblazing father-daughter duo Neil and Hannah.  

The month of March, also known as ‘World’s Greatest Shave Month’, showcased the very best of the Australian spirit as thousands of individuals and teams rallied to help beat blood cancer.

One of these epic World’s Greatest Shave teams is known as ‘The Eggheads’, comprised of father-daughter duo Neil and Hannah Sheldon from northern Brisbane. They braved the Shave together at their local Just Cuts salon and raised over $3,000 for blood cancer support and research.

We recently spoke to Neil about what motivated them to take part and how their big day at Just Cuts North Lakes went down.

What made you and Hannah sign up for the World’s Greatest Shave?

Hannah has supported the World’s Greatest Shave since her first shave in 2018 when she was fifteen-years-old,” Neil says.  

“She thought it was time to participate again, and I decided to join her. It’s such an important cause."

‘The Eggheads’ held their big day at their local Just Cuts salon , who volunteered their time and shaved both of their heads free of charge to support the cause.  

How did you get in touch with your local Just Cuts and how did they end up supporting your event?

“I visited my local salon and asked whether they would be able to fit us in on our chosen date. They contacted the franchisees, who were happy to support us,” Neil recalls. “They made two stylists, Naomi and Mel, available and had someone on hand to take photos and video.” 

The buzz around their event even caught the attention of other customers within the salon, who all rallied around the duo as they had their heads shaved. 

What were your emotions on the day, and how do you reflect on it?

“With one hour to go before the shave we broke our target of $2,000 which made us feel very proud. It was a great feeling to know how much our friends and family had donated.” 

“Since then, we’ve received more donations, taking us to over $3,000 and had so many comments appreciating what we did.” 

“One elderly customer was a cancer survivor and was very emotional when she heard what we were doing. All the family came to watch and took photos as it progressed.” 

What message do you have for someone who is considering taking part in the World’s Greatest Shave?

“It’s such a worthwhile cause, and big or small, every donation counts and makes a difference in the lives of Australians who are diagnosed with blood cancer.” 

Whether you choose to Shave, Cut, or Colour your hair for cancer, you’ll be fueling real, tangible change for Australians facing the disease. And the best part is, you can take part at any time of the year.

Get in touch with your local Just Cuts salon to get support for your upcoming World’s Greatest Shave event.

In 2024, the Leukaemia Foundation is proud to have teamed up with Just Cuts to help our community take part in the World’s Greatest Shave. Just Cuts is the largest hairdressing chain in the Southern Hemisphere, with 190 salons across the country. 

We’d like to thank both the stylists on the day, Naomi and Mel, as well as the owners of Just Cuts North Lakes, Vicki and Graham, for helping make 'The Eggheads’’ big day possible.  

You can visit their online salon locator to find your nearest Just Cuts salon. With over 190 salons nationwide, there is bound to be one near you. 

By joining legendary Australians like Hannah and Neil and signing up for the World’s Greatest Shave, you’ll help fund the Leukaemia Foundation's critical blood cancer support services such as accommodation, transport, and financial assistance. And that’s bloody beautiful.  

Before my shave

Hannah Sheldon

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The 'Egghead' Dad

Before my shave

Neil Sheldon

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The 'Egghead' Daughter

After our shave

Neil & Hannah Sheldon

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The full 'Egghead' team

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3 May 2024
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